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lauantai 27. helmikuuta 2016

Friday's Hunt

Starts with I

My I-words all have something to do with Ice. Lets see, what i did come up with.

Finally my camera caught some noticeable icicles.

After baking day the icing on my cake


Of course for dessert some homemade ice cream

Ice cream
 Week's favorite

 Something blue

On a clear, cold day just as the sun has set you can catch the Blue moment. 

Blue moment

There aren't very many blue things in my home, but my nap blanket happens to be one of them. And i was reading a book with blue cover under that blanket.

Blue things

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10 kommenttia:

  1. The pictures are beautiful, the ice makes me feel cold, but the cake looks yummy !

  2. Very pretty icicle picture, Kristina. I just left another blog with a poem about melting ice. It's been so long since we've seen any ice or snow I can hardly imagine real ice. Can imagine the cake icing though, our SIL had white icing streamed onto his red velvet chocolate birthday cake last night. Very pretty. Your outside blue is vey nice too, it LOOKS cold out there.

    1. Icicles are still a reality here in North. And the cake icing was delicious, hopefully yours was too. You can catch Blue moment also during summer evenings (if you stay up long enougn to catch a sunset), but it looks best on cold winter evenings.

  3. Brrrrrr icy and nice

  4. Anonyymi28.2.16

    That's a lot of icy photos. The cake looks amazing! Beautiful tulips. That looks like a cozy blanket. Thanks for joining in Friday's Hunt and have a great week!

    1. Ice at this time of the year is easy. The blanket is cozy specially when i want to lay down and read.

  5. Wow, your cake and ice cream look delicious! Now I'm hungry! The after sunset photograph with the dark trees against the dark blue sky is just perfect - what a beautiful scene.

    1. I thought it was beatiful too. Sometimes you just get it.


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